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Online jobs in Nigeria: Current openings

Online jobs in Nigeria; Base Salary: Very Attractive.

Online jobs in Nigeria: See vacancies. Apply now for online jobs in Nigeria. Work from home jobs available. Several remote jobs and freelance jobs openings.

Overview of online jobs in Nigeria

There are many available online jobs in Nigeria. Freelance writing, data entry, online marketing, online teaching, virtual assistant jobs, SEO specialist jobs, web development jobs, social media jobs,  online survey jobs, blogging, and Transcriber are just a few of the jobs available online. Other more unfamiliar Internet jobs include being an online juror and making viral videos.

Online jobs in Nigeria: Hiring companies and vacancies


  1. Online Customer care service jobs
  2. Virtual Assistant jobs
  3. Full stack developer freelance jobs
  4. Front End Developer freelance jobs
  5. Writing Jobs
  6. Content writer internship
  7. Data entry jobs
  8. Video maker jobs
  9. Social media marketing jobs
  10. Social media analyst jobs

Online jobs in Nigeria


  1. Content writer jobs
  2. Technical writer jobs
  3. Content writer internship
  4. Virtual Assistant jobs
  5. Social media analyst jobs
  6. Data entry jobs
  7. Social media marketing jobs
  8. Online teaching jobs
  9. SEO Specialist jobs
  10. Web development jobs
  11. Video maker jobs

Online jobs in Nigeria


  1. Translator jobs
  2. Sales representative jobs
  3. virtual Assistant jobs
  4. Graphic designer jobs
  5. Website designer/developer jobs
  6. SEO Consultant jobs
  7. Social Media Analyst jobs
  8. Call center jobs
  9. Data entry jobs
  10. Online tutoring/teaching jobs
  11. Software/app/product tester
  12. Transcriptionist
  13. Business writer
  14. Video creator for Facebook/Instagram Influencer
  15.  Facebook marketing jobs
  16. Instagram marketing jobs
  17. Movie script writer
  18. Email marketing jobs
  19. Blog writer

Online jobs


  1. Translators freelance jobs
  2. Data Entry jobs
  3. Social media analyst jobs
  4. Transcriber jobs
  5. SEO Specialist jobs
  6. Writing Jobs
  7. Social media marketing jobs
  8. Web development jobs
  9. Video maker jobs

Online jobs in Nigeria


  1. Schedule Meetings and Take Calls
  2. Virtual Assistant
  3. Social media analyst jobs
  4. Video maker jobs

Online jobs

Design Hill

  1. Graphic designer jobs
  2. Video maker jobs
  3. Social media analyst jobs
  4. Website designer jobs
  5. Online marketer jobs
  6. SEO specialist jobs
  7. Social media marketing jobs

Online jobs


  1. Online Customer care service jobs
  2. Video maker jobs
  3. Social media marketing jobs
  4. Online Lead generation officer jobs
  5. Virtual assistant jobs
  6. Social media analyst jobs

Online jobs in Nigeria


  1. Paid survey

paid survey jobs


Online jobs in Nigeria demands different responsibilities based on the type of job. The following are the responsibilities based on the type of online job in Nigeria:

Data entry: Online jobs in Nigeria

  • Insert customer and account data by inputting text based and numerical information from source documents within time limits
  • Compile, verify accuracy and sort information according to priorities to prepare source data for computer entry
  • Review data for deficiencies or errors, correct any incompatibilities if possible and check output
  • Research and obtain further information for incomplete documents
  • Apply data program techniques and procedures
  • Generate reports, store completed work in designated locations and perform backup operations
  • Scan documents and print files, when needed
  • Keep information confidential
  • Respond to queries for information and access relevant files
  • Comply with data integrity and security policies
  • Ensure proper use of office equipment and address any malfunctions

Freelance writing: Online jobs in Nigeria

  • Create new pages for specified regions with detailed, accurate, and up to date information.
  • Involves in writing the text for an advertising materials such as the companies who sell products to the distributors.
  • Engages in writing independently for any publishing houses or for books
  • Their job involves journal publishing, copy editing, and proofreading, indexing and even graphic designing.
  • Involves in creating works on their own initiative, and keep the copyright of their works and sell the rights to the publishers.
  • Enjoys a greater variety of assignments than the regular employment, and has the freedom to choose their own work schedule.
  • Writing independently for the magazines, newspapers, book publishers, and non-profit organizations
  • Engages in writing for the various electronic communications on the Internet and even engages in web writing.
  • Acting independently for the various printing publications and providing satisfaction to its clients, including the online courses for writing.

Required skills for online jobs in Nigeria

The following are fundamental skills required for online jobs in Nigeria:

  1. Technical Know-How as requirement for online jobs in Nigeria:

Many employers require workers to use certain efficient software, video conferencing tools and have the ability to sail across particular websites.

Workers seeking an Internet-related job must be technically proficient in order to handle these demands. Although many enterprises provide detailed instructions on how to manage business-related devices, workers must have a basic knowledge of working on computers.

Compulsory skills include using internet browser, using necessary ports to hook up supplementary software such as web cameras or voice-recognition software, managing program installations and verifying Internet access.

  1. Word Processing as requirement for online jobs in Nigeria:

Being familiar with Microsoft Word will help you get most online jobs. You may need to use it for your own marketing efforts or to complete writing and other projects.

Clients may need help with editing, inserting tables and graphics, formatting documents and creating catalogs. If you take calls as a customer service representative, you will have to document your calls using a word processor.

Not being acquainted with Microsoft Word will hold back your ability to do your work, or get one in the first place.

  1. Data Entry as requirement for online jobs in Nigeria:

Knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Access and Outlook are also in demand, especially when it comes to data entry work.

If you are at ease with these programs, you can provide a huge benefit to organizations that need to keep track of customer’s information, orders or other research data.

However, first-rate typing skills may be all that you need for a data entry job. For example, some firms gather names and email addresses and basically need to employ a data entry specialist to type them in an online form.

  1. Communication Skills as requirement for online jobs in Nigeria:

Though speaking to an employer does not require spell-check, written communication carries added significance with an online job. Sending memorandums, emails, and directives to workers require strong writing skills.

These skills are especially needed in drafting online content, drafting contracts and performing technical writing jobs, and engaging in legal correspondence.

Employees must also stay in close contact with their fellow online personnel. This is especially critical for team-based projects. In some cases, communication requires networking with others in your field.

Networking online may lead to other opportunities – the web is full of odd jobs that often only get discovered by other online workers.

  1. Reliability and Organization as requirement for online jobs in Nigeria:

As your employer cannot walk over to your desk, he/she must depend on your ability to communicate with him/her quickly and efficiently.

Reliability is a key skill that promotes trust between you and your employer or clients.

Moreover, the lack of structure mandates workers to develop strong organizational skills like submitting work on time, keeping track of deadlines, and balancing personal responsibilities with work are just a few aspects of working an online job.

Getting employed for online work can be highly competitive. Improving or acquiring any of the above computer skills can make a big transformation in whether an employer or client will hire you.

It is well worth the time and money to work on your computer skills if you want to work this way full-time.

Educational qualification for online jobs in Nigeria

The striking thing about online jobs in Nigeria is that they do not give so much emphasis on educational qualification. Most of the online jobs in Nigeria look at your achievements. You can be in secondary school with many website and apps to your credit, you worth more than a masters degree holder in computer science without any projects running online. On a general note, high school or secondary school certificate is the minimum qualification. Some online jobs in Nigeria like customer care jobs might require a tertiary qualification (University degree or college/polytechnic diploma).

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